How can you develop your organic chemistry

Students if u wants to excel in organic u must properly know about type of reactions where electronic effect occurs and reagent used in reactions

For example how chemistry of hydrocarbons proceed?

Answer is hydrocarbon go through by electrophilic addition reaction so work on proper mechanism where primary attack of electrophile takes place

Example is propane reacts with hydrochloric acid

There is major 7 types of reactions

  • electrophilic addtion
  • nucleophilic addtion
  • electrophilic subs
  • nucleophilic subs
  • elimination reaction
  • free radical subs and
  • moleculer reasrsngement reaction

If you understand these reactions u easily find out picture of organic

In my next video lecture i can explain u all these reactions but remember done ur organic chemistry always with written work which give u proper strength

I suggest u book for this is Elixir by Arun Kulshrestha and mechanism of organic by Sanyal these are good books

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