How do I crack NEET 2019 by self study?

Main think to crack this exam is self study.students if u study 10 to 12 hour daily with proper planning and deep study material u easily crack this is testing of brain and core hard work.if u score 300 or more in biology and 150 each in physics and chemistry got good rank.

Students in my thinking physics and chemistry are rank deciding subject so please focus with core concepts.

In physics u focus on mechanics, electrostatics, current, electricity alternating current, magnetic effect of current and modern physics but remember small topics are also very important.

In chemistry you should focus on general organic chemistry isomerism hydrocarbons carbonyl compounds and aromatic chemistry.

Inorganic chemical bonding, coordination chemistry these are most important.

Guys remember you should you go for self study but with proper study material, which is upgraded and also with good reference books


First u attempt biology paper save some time after that work on chemistry and than physics take complete time calmly.

For chemistry and physics daily practice 50 to 60 objective questions and learn your subject with proper writing on sheets. Also prepare short notes of every chapter for fast revision

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