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Chemistry is a highly scoring section in NEET 2020 if prepared strategically. This is why you should join online chemistry classes for NEET today. There are 3 types of chemistry classes we take up on our online chemistry classes for NEET.

Organic Chemistry: You should also be aware of the atomic and chemical properties of halogens, chalcogens, and nitrogen groups. The concepts of acidity, the basicity of acids and basics like Lewis type, Bronstead type, etc. and knowledge of their salts like NaCl, KCl, etc fetch you great points.

Inorganic Chemistry: Our notes and textbooks are the best reference study material for the preparation of Inorganic Chemistry. Many times, straight questions from NCERT books are asked. Pay extra attention to co-ordination compounds and d-block elements.

Physical Chemistry: Preparing flashcards for all named reactions helps a lot. It is the best and easiest way for the revision of named reactions. Use a different color of pens because the human eye is more receptive to color. 

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Monu Chaudhary
Monu Chaudhary
6. July, 2021.
The classes helps us to clear the concepts along with important examples and doubt solving system is really good.
Kartika Verma
Kartika Verma
25. June, 2021.
Arun is is a very experienced and knowledgeable mentor that everyone looks forward to.The kind of effort he puts up in a student to improve the level is just so satisfying. His nature is very friendly and personable which makes students feel comfortable with him. He ensures that each and every student understood the question and imply the correct idea taught.I found out very delightful to study with him. Thank you sir. I seek your support and guidance in future also!
sarita gupta
sarita gupta
14. June, 2021.
Arun sir explains each and every concept incredibly well , moreover he also instills dedication ,self discipline and self belief in his students
Arin Agnihotri
Arin Agnihotri
4. April, 2021.
One of my friends suggested me that I should be mentored by Arun sir and later found out that my dad was one of sir's first students and with his help in chemistry, my father graduated from MNIT Jaipur and later completed his masters also. Chemistry is a subject that requires concepts and learning in equal amounts. Sir covers all the sides of a topic wether it be organic or physical with required examples that improve the overall grasping of the concepts. I myself have struggled in chemistry but with combined efforts of both Arun sir and the students chemistry now is in the strongest of the subjects.
Vaibhav goyal
Vaibhav goyal
2. April, 2021.
Arun sir is a great mentor who has deep knowledge of chemistry and provides students crystal clear concepts and wonderful explanation I have improved my critical thinking skills in organic chemistry as well as gained complete knowledge of each and every topic that sir has taught.
Riddhi Mishra
Riddhi Mishra
19. March, 2021.
It is said that a good mentor can recognize your talents and flaws all the same and guide you to bring out the best in you. I am a science student from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. Initially, I had a very meagre interest in Chemistry and would often get caught up in solving the smallest problems. In consequence, I had faced a lot more than many issues in dealing with it out of all. My inability to understand the basics of the subject drove me away from it. When the pandemic showed up, I had almost lost all the motivation to carry on; until, my parents got a word about Arun sir, who was at that time, taking online classes via Zoom. Agreeing to their recommendation, I joined his classes and within a few sessions felt a good amount of confidence developing inside me. It is a common notion that Chemistry is a subject which requires a lot of mugging, but, if we decode things from sir’s standpoint, dealing a subject from its core is the main basis of understanding it. Arun sir has a very distinctive style of teaching, which involves breaking down concepts and reforming them together to suit his students’ level. His friendly nature and infectious energy are the stimulants that boost up a student’s morale. A very interactive and highly self-motivated person, Arun sir unlike many of us these days, believes that the key to performing well is polishing our strengths and figuring out our weakness to convert them into our main tools. After my first talk with Arun sir, I was astonished by the fact that he was not even a tad bit worried about the fact that he was about to take a totally unknown student, who lived states away from him, under his guidance. All he asked me to do was to believe in myself and work in the right direction. Another very striking quality that I have noticed in him is that he never judges his students. He is always ready to clarify even the smallest or most casual doubt that a student might have. In these few classes, sir has helped me improve a lot more than I had expected, proving the fact that distance or medium is not important to help spread knowledge. His passion for his profession and the way he handles things is undoubtedly remarkable! As I see it, sir is not just a teacher but also an amazing value coach, friend, guardian and motivator.
Siddhi Mishra
Siddhi Mishra
3. March, 2021.
Positive: Broad subject coverage, supportive and motivating mentorship I am a student (currently living in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand), aspiring for NEET 2021. Chemistry has always been a tough subject to deal with and until recently I was really stressed out on how to perform well in the same achieving little to no success. It also worried my parents as I had almost lost every motivation of ever being able to crack this subject, when an acquaintance connected my father with Arun Sir who had recently started taking online classes over Zoom calls due to the pandemic. Seeing this as a great opportunity my father asked me to take benifit of the technology and join the class. Honestly speaking, I was initially hesitant to join the course seeing that I had already watched some online lectures from other platforms but none of it had come to help. Nonetheless, Arun Sir asked me try and attend a few classes to check if the class was actualy useful. Since then I have only been grateful that I joined his classes because there are not more than a few teachers who teach all the three parts (Physical, Inorganic and Organic) of Chemistry with equal importance and detail. Overtime I have improved from so little to so much that I actually question myself 'Why didn't I understand these concepts earlier'. I am now actually able to understand the concepts well and solve questions without having to mug up anything. Moreover, Sir's motivating language, interactive teaching sessions and genuine guidance has helped me overcome my fear for Chemistry to the point where I rarely have any doubts. I repeat, I currently live in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand and the around 1,400 km distance from Jaipur, Rajasthan seems to have no impact on my learning whatsoever.
Ada Jagdhari
Ada Jagdhari
5. February, 2021.
Arun sir is definitely the best teacher for chemistry in Jaipur. I've been studying and preparing under his guidance for my 11th class and JEE both from almost a year. My interest in the subject has boosted up. Sir teaches every topic from the depth and clears every doubt that one might have. His teaching methods are really great and make chemistry an interesting subject. He inspires and encourage us to work harder. He also shares and teaches us important values and ethics.. Thank you for your support sir

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Online Chemistry Classes for NEET

NEET Online coaching for Chemistry

It goes without saying that, cracking NEET exam is not a joke. You will have to work hard to learn the subject from the core. NEET coaching Classess by Arun Sir prepares you to give a tough fight to the numerous candidates.

Prepare NEET Chemistry Online

You will always have to prepare well for NEET and our online Chemistry coaching classes for NEET will help you in getting a good ranking in NEET 2020-2021 exam without any doubt.

NEET Chemistry coaching Jaipur

Jaipur is a small city but there are thousands of students who are sitting for NEET 2020-2021 and chemistry being one of the major subjects for your exam, you should join Arun sir's chemistry online coaching for prepartion.

Learn and practice through our regular Online Chemistry classes for NEET 2021

NEET Online Classes: Online Course Admission Fee Structure for NEET 2021

The following table represents NEET online course fee structure for NEET 2020-21. You can easily take admission for NEET online classes in Jaipur.  You can write to us at arun.elixir@gmail.comto know the admission fee for NEET online classes or online course duration if you have any doubts.

NEET Online Courses NameNEET Online Classes Fee Course Link 
1 year NEET online preparationRs. 47,500Buy Now
2 years NEET preparation courseRs. 59,500Buy Now
NEET crash course onlineRs. 17,500Buy Now

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Time Schedule for Live Video NEET Classes Online for NEET 2021

The schedule for the regular live video classes on NEET coaching will be put up on our online notice board. Students are expected to keep an eye for the latest information. The students will be intimated about the master timetable and the class timings well in time.

Course Batch Class timings Day Number of Students
1-Year Course, Class Action 2020-2021 3pm-5p.m All days in the week 300+
2-Year Course, Counsel 2020-2022 3pm-5p.m All days in the week 250+
Online Crash Course, Brief 2020 3pm-5p.m All days in the week 110+

FAQ's on Online NEET Chemistry Coaching

Why should i join NEET coaching online classes by Arun Sir?

Answer: Arun Sir is the most popular coaching center for NEET exam. Now, due to COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown in Jaipur, they have come up with online coaching for NEET 2021 for all their students.

Why Chemistry is important for NEET?

Answer: Lets be honest here, NEET ranks depend a lot on chemistry marks since its a high scoring subject. This is why proper online chemistry coaching for NEET can help you fetch a good rank for NEET 2021. Join our chemistry coaching classes online today at an affordable cost.

Why is the fee for online classes on chemistry?

Answer: Arun Sir believes in keeping an affordable rate for chemistry classes but it depends on your subject combinations. You can call us directly at +91 982 901 1284 to get a free quotation. We also have notes that you can buy .

Will i get any free demo classes on chemistry?

Answer: Yes we offer free demo classes on chemistry for NEET 2021 so that you can easily understand the quality that Arun sir brings into the table for students who are preparing for 2021 NEET exam. You can fill up our contact form and request for a quick demo classes online.

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