Physical Chemistry

Physical Chemistry is the branch of chemistry which is quite like mathematics and physics in developing underlying principles of chemistry. It observes and explains the physical and chemical properties of matter. Physical chemistry at IIT JEE level starts from basics of mole concept, quantities at atomic level and covers energy, thermodynamics and kinetics which forms the basis of how reactions occur. Various topics covered in physical chemistry such as stoichiometry, chemical equilibrium, concentration of solutions, atomic structure, thermodynamics or chemical energetic form the backbone of chemistry at IIT JEE level and higher chemistry at graduate and post graduate level.

Problems of physical chemistry are slightly complex and thus require lots of practice. Things become easy for you if you understand the concepts clearly. All you need to do is to go through the chapters number of times and try to understand all the concepts. Our easy to understand study material and the video lectures present with in the study materials would help you in this. You can always refer to our revision notes section where you can download the revision notes of physical chemistry pdf.



Physical chemistry has at least 30-40% weight-age in the IIT JEE chemistry paper and hence it is most important of the trio – physical, organic and inorganic chemistry.

There are some topics from which numerical problems come almost every year. You should prepare these topics as perfectly as possible but time on these. These topics are, Chemical Kinetics, Solid State, Gaseous State, Chemical, Equilibrium and Chemical Thermodynamics.