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Provides a concise but up to date treatment of Essential Organic Chemistry as main or ancillary subject.

Our goal is to emphasize on the typical reaction mechanisms, nomenclature, aliphatic and aromatic Chemistry. The volume contains highly rich text with mechanistic borderline of chemical reactions inclusive of special theories in reactions of organic chemistry asked in CBSE – PMT & JEE  level.

Since, solving many problems is a comprehensible way to understand the concept of general chemistry, this book includes large number of different problems on each topic.

The text is organised using features of functional groups but nevertheless with emphasis on reaction mechanisms as and often required. This will persuade students to think almost mechanistically and will help them in structuring their thoughts. In this edition, the primary facts of  General Inorganic Chemistry are set down in a clear and accurate manner, organizing the facts of chemical structure, reactivity, bonding, atomic & molecular orbital approach, stability, solubility and trends of periodic families.

The purpose is to meet the needs of students who do not have the time or probably the inclination to pursue in depth, but who may also require explicit coverage of basic topics such as the electronic structure, periodic properties, chemical bonding and chemical reactivities.

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