Success Stories

    review rating 5  Arun sir is best teacher I have ever seen in my life.his concept building technics are just amazing. His notes are very useful. He wanted to give all the knowledge he had in the past 28 years, to students for their better future. Since my chemistry is weak and I missed in neet 2019 I undoubtedly and immediately taken a step to improvise it and join sir for future Better results.

    thumb Anurag Garg

    review rating 5  Her deep knowledge about chemistry will make you learn,remember easy. He know something extra ordinary what some other don''t know so here he excel. excellent teacher.I clear the NEET exam with 12 and score good markd in chemistry. i am first year student of MBBS i got college in Jaipur itself i was able to solve every question in chemistry as guided by her. he is the best teacher of chemistry you can get.

    thumb gaurang sharma

    review rating 5  it's is a great experience being a part of of Arun's sir classes .I have never seen such an energetic teacher. JEE and NEET requires your concepts to be crystal clear. it has only been a month and I can feel the confidence in myself.

    thumb Sulekha Sharma

    review rating 5  The best place for nurturing the concepts of chemistry with totally different environment and friendly way of teaching .. Sir's approach toward chemistry is very logical and helps students a lot in overcoming every hurdle .... after attending few classes by Arun Sir , I really feel confident , He has unique way of teaching ..💫

    thumb Ishani Singh

    review rating 5  It's been a month that I joined Sir's tuition. And I already feel the confidence within me that has been inculcated by Sir. He has a unique way to teach and makes sure that each one of us get the concepts crystal clear. I don't think I could ever get a better guidance than him.I never thought chemistry could be so much fun and interesting. He knows the proper strategy of NEET preparation. We are given sheets for practice and enough material for self preparation. Mainly he focuses on making our basics clear because we all know it's very natural that, if the roots are not strong, the plants won't grow well. Other than that he is extremely optimistic and looks forward to the positive side of everything. He seems to be equally energetic and enthusiastic just like us. The way we want to get every knowledge from him... He seems to be more than happy to deliver his knowledge to us. He motivates us and always encourages us to work hard. And I am sure if I continue walking on his path, I will definitely reach somewhere. Thank you Sir! You're the best!

    thumb Shreyasi Bagchi

    review rating 5  Arun sir is a great teacher. He provides us with the notes prepared after the experience of 25 years which have possibly all the topics you can and cannot find in the books. The questions provided by him are of different varieties which helps us make our concepts stronger.

    thumb Rishita Agarwal

    review rating 5  Arun Sir changed my view of Chemistry entirely. From a subject that I feared from, like Hell, to not just making it comfortable but a subject that I liked. I understood the true value of the teaching I had after I entered college where during my first year, I was able to solve/understand the Chemistry problems with ease, especially Organic Chemistry. Thank you Sir for shaping path of not just me, but many many others...

    thumb Muktesh Jain

    review rating 5  The best teacher for Chemistry in Jaipur. Arun Sir is not only a great teacher, he is also a mentor to all his students. He believes that with proper guidance anyone can achieve their goals and targets. I was his student in 2009 and 2010 and he is feels a part of a family now. Always ready to help and guide students.

    thumb MANU GUPTA

    review rating 5  ARUN sir is the Best GURU one can ever have . It's been 19 years and I still remember his ways and being on Chemical Ships , his Organic chemistry fundamentals were of Great Help . Proud to be your Happy Student


    review rating 5  Arun sir's way of teaching is so unique and interesting that you will instantly fall in love with chemistry. More than a teacher, he is a great mentor and above all a great person. He states that " think like a proton to stay positive." One who is seeking to acheieve heights in the subject, he is the ladder you must look for.

    thumb Shreyansh Gupta

    review rating 5  Great teacher to learn from . Her deep knowledge about chemistry will make you learn,remember easy. He know something extra ordinary what some other don''t know so here he excel. excellent teacher.

    thumb gaurang sharma

    review rating 5  Arun Sir’s way of teaching is very student friendly. Sir teaches all the concepts of Chemistry in a very simple way. Sir makes Chemistry very easy and approachable for every student. A good grasp over such basic concepts helps you a lot in all of your exam preparations. Arun Sir is the best Chemistry teacher I’ve ever met!

    thumb Shivam Mathur

    review rating 5  Arun Sir's way of teaching is different and innovative. With attention to individual weaknesses and strengths, his approach is result oriented and towards concepts building. I am a doctor, who got selected for medical entrance with rank 103 in RPMT 1995. One of the major reasons was scoring full marks ( 99%) in Chemistry and the credit for that goes entirely to Arun Kulshrestha Sir. Thank you Sir for playing an important role in my success.

    thumb Mamta Batra

    review rating 5  Best teacher cum friend. Under his guidance, I got selected in JEE 2001 and joined IIT Madras.

    thumb Yatendra Kumar Garg

    review rating 5  We All Not Only Seek Success In Exams But Also In Life. Here, you learn not only how to tackle questions for jee but also how to tackle problems in Life. Under A Great Teacher and a Mentor you'll learn how to work hard and that Chemistry is much more than just a cramping subject. Arun Sir will be with you and believe in you until the end and that's what is Very rare to find.

    thumb Yash Srivastava

    review rating 5  Arun sir is the best teacher of chemistry . He developed my interest in chemistry . Sir teaches me with his full efforts and always make sure that each and every concept of mine is clear .

    thumb Aman Jain

    review rating 5  Proper guidance is must for student to get better success and that can be come only through deep experience .Arun sir is best in all phases with excellent teaching strategy.

    thumb Yash Gangwal